If the stem area of your boat is scratched or chipped our bow plate is the ideal answer. They cover many of the cosmetic mishaps encountered when mooring or anchoring and
gives added protection for any future scrapes you may have.

Our Bow plates are made from high quality mirror finish 316 marine grade stainless at 0.9mm thickness so they can be hand formed to the shape of your Bow stem.

Great for covering up those little mishaps you have had when mooring/anchoring. Easily fixed using Sikaflex 291 adhesive.

Whilst looking fabulous, they increase your gel coat’s resilience to knocks and impacts in those vulnerable areas.

Easily fixed and they look great!

Our stainless bow plate can be formed around a simple curve then cut, drilled and fixed to virtually any surface
using adhesive or screw fixed.  They cannot be bent around complex curves ie. in more than one direction.

Stainless Steel Bow Plate 300mm

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