All our Stainless Steel letters are 316 Mirror Finish Marine Grade and are ideal for Boat Names, Commercial Signage etc. both indoor and outdoor.

Options to select if required:

  • 'Self Stick' we will apply an adhesive backing for you.  (VHB- Very High Bond) and will make your letters stand off by about a millimetre.
  • Acrylic’ and we will add a layer of clear 3mm acrylic to your letter to give it a built up effect.  This option will make the letters rigid and is therefore unsuitable for curved surfaces.
  • ‘Self Stick & Acrylic’ and we will add 3mm acrylic together with the self stick backing.
  • ‘Acrylic Backing and Stand-off’ option will make your lettering stand away from the surface.  The ‘snapfix' stand-offs allow the letters to be removed for maintenance etc.  
  • ‘LED /Fibre Optic Lighting’ will illuminate the letters!

NB; Please allow an extra 1-2 days delivery time if you select a non illuminated backing is required or 21 days for the LED/Fibre Optic option.

With Acrylic or Illuminated letters backing options the letters will not form to a curved surface.


Elegant Energy Saving LED/Fibre Optic Illuminated Option

There are no external electrics within the LED/Fibre Optic letters; they are ingeniously illuminated by their own long life low voltage high intensity LED light emitter safely tucked away from the elements.  Using highly energy efficient LED technology the power consumption is incredibly low.   The self stick option gives an edge lit glow while the stand-off version also illuminates to the rear. For ease of installation each letter requires just one small hole for the fibre optics that is then screwed with just a few hand turns into its own LED light source.



  • Light transmitting 5mm acrylic layer, gasket sealed and embedded with the fibre optics.
  • Waterproofed to survive even harsh marine environments
  • 12v or 24v DC but can be mains powered by using a LED transformer (widely available).
  • Very low current consumption
  • LED life expectancy 50,000 hours
  • Each letter comes with its own light emitter and 1 mtr of cable.
  • Also available is a fused multi connection box for ease of installation which can be found here.
  • 12 month warranty

Letter u 70mm

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