The ancient symbol Indalo Man (El Indalo) was discovered in 1868 in a cave known as La Cueva de los Letreros in the Sierra Maria-Los Vélez mountains in the province of Almeria Spain by Antonio Gongónia y Martinez. It is believed to date back 5000 years and depicts a man holding an arched rainbow over his head and is often painted on houses in the area.
The Indalo Man is believed to bring luck, rejuvenation, rebirth, love, giving protection from evil and storms to those who own one.

However superstition says the luck will only work if it is given as a gift. Will look great on boats houses, cars etc

This atractive Rainbow Man figure stands apx 15cm tall made from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Seel backed with high bond self adhesive strips.

Indalo man

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