Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need to use your suggested adhesives?

A: No depending on where you are applying the Stainless you can use other products but we have suggested marine use ones as we consider that they the best for external or marine use.


Q: Why use 316 Stainless?

A: It has greater Corrosion resistance for external uses. 


Q: What thickness is the Stainless?

A: We use 0.5mm at this thickness it is resilient and durable. The Stainless letters/profiles can be hand formed by the customer to fit over even tight simple curves (not complex curves).


Q: Can I saw /drill the stainless?

A:Yes, using a fine toothed hacksaw or better still a ‘Dremel’ with a saw blade, the sawn edge should be de-burred using file/emery for a smooth finish (avoid scratching the mirror surface by masking the face). Can be easily drilled using care, start with a small diameter drill bit then work up in size.


Q: Can your Stainless be used for Shop signs?

A: Being 316 they are top quality ideally suited for commercial / shop signage, we don't just do boat decals. If you like, your local plastics supplier can cut to size a sign backing for you to stick the letters onto.


Q: What surfaces can the Self stick backing be used for?

A: Our Self Stick Letters can be used for virtually any surface as long as it is not porous.  Smooth surfaces work well but a brick wall for example, would not be suitable.


Q: Do I need to use a template for the letters?

A: Not necessarily we have fixed signs freehand spacing /angling them by eye, but keep adjusting them until you feel the sign is right. 


Q: How do I remove my old vinyl lettering?:

A: Most people use a heat gun or hairdryer (be careful not to leave it in one place too long) then scrape the softened vinyl with a stiff piece of plastic such as a credit card.  Use acetate (such as Evostick Remover) to remove any residual glue.