Boat Lettering

Stainless Lettering

Boat lettering, Stainless Letters and numbers from £1.99 available in self stick or if you prefer stand-off, our letters are quick and easy to fix . What's more they look stunning and last longer. Stainless steel is ideal for your boat name and SSR numbers.

Boat owners spend lots of time and money keeping their pride and joy looking good and in the best possible shape, but when it comes to naming a boat they invariably stick cheap vinyl decals on and a few years later they are looking sad, fading and sometimes even peeling off.    In the yachting world we want to be sailing not spending time and money replacing things, so if you use the right products in the first place you won’t have to. 

It’s all about quality, so stainless steel letters are the answer.

Mirror polished 316 stainless steel signage only costs a little more than a vinyl decal, so why spoil the ship for a ‘ha'porth of tar’. Good boatbuilders would never use cheap materials so why should you?

Ah, they will cost a fortune I hear you say.  Not true! Being ready made in 316 mirror finish it keeps the cost down so you can affix your port name, boat name or SSR number for very little cost. Easily applied to virtually any surface, even curved ones. Just like vinyl lettering they fit flush to the surface so your ropes will not get caught.

Everyone uses marine grade stainless on their boats so why not use it for your boat signage. It will look fabulous on your motor boat, yacht or even a dingy! The ideal choice for SSR numbers, Port name and boat lettering.


Motorboats and Yachting New Tech Article (July 2012)