SSR Numbers and Registration

SSR Numbers and Registration from £1.99 in Stainless!

What is an SSR number?

SSR stands for Small Ships Register, If you have a small non commercial boat you will be required to register the name and specification of the boat with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) . SSR numbers are often painted on small pleasure craft and in some cases people opt for using vinyl stickers as SSR numbers.

SSR numbers are also known as Part III regsitration, you are required to regsiter if your vessel has recently changed ownership. For more information please visit MCA.GOV.UK or the information page on small pleasure craft here 

Techstainless have been busy creating some unique and stylish 316 marine grade letters which are perfect for port names and SSR numbers. For those who dont want the scruffy peeling sticker look or the rustic charm of faded paint, then we have the ideal solution. Our pre fabricated 316 stainless steel letters are available in a standardised font and size which means that the cost normally associated with custom cut stainless steel letters has been greatly reduced! 

Now you can enjoy the crisp clean look of  mirror polished SSR number on your boat for a fraction of the cost